Our Story

The Crafting Character series started as one mom’s need for an approachable resource to raising kind, respectful, conscientious, thoughtful little humans. It’s easier to teach kids numbers, letters, sports, and music than it is to teach character. But why? We believe it's because there isn't a system that makes learning and integrating character simple and easy to do! Well, at least until now! Why should teaching kindness and character be any different than learning how to write or multiply? We've all experienced that right of passage when we help kids graduate from training wheels to a two-wheeler, right? Why don’t we have the same cultural expectation, encouragement, and toolset to teach strong character? We’re here to help!

"Intelligence plus character, that is the goal of a true education" - Martin Luther King Jr. We've created a book series with interactive plushies to help parents, teachers, and caregivers not only teach character to kids, but also integrate character into their personalities so they can think, feel, and act differently. Each system in the five-character-trait series comes with a soft cover book, large plushie, and 14 attachable accessories to be written upon. The five traits covered include: love/kindness, gratefulness, charity, conservation, and patriotism/good citizenship.

What makes our system unique is the way it helps the child to integrate character through use of its tools: a book, plushie character friend, and 14 attachable foam pieces. First, the character trait is identified and demonstrated through a story. Second, children choose and complete a daily act in order to practice that character trait and create a new way of thinking and acting. They continue these acts for 14 days straight to begin to form a new habit. (Be sure to check out our tips on the "How It Works" page!) Third, after completing the daily act, the child writes what they have done on an attachment for their plushie. They watch their plushie slowly collect its missing pieces over the two weeks as you watch their character develop!

There's no limit to how much fun you can have with this! Feel free to incorporate a game of hide-and-seek in the morning for increased excitement and anticipation of finding the added attachment from their previous daily act on their plushie!


We couldn't possibly ask kids to be more giving without setting a good example ourselves! We give back! Each of our characters has a favorite charity and the Crafting Character team donates to those charities to practice what we preach. 



The Crafting Character system is patent-pending for ages 4-10. WARNING: Small parts. Not for children under 3 years of age.