Grateful Gobbler Extra Attachable Pack


Grateful Gobbler Extra Attachable Pack

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This pack of extra attachables comes with 14 feathers to use with the Grateful Gobbler book and plushie set. You may want some extra feathers on hand for your pal. The pack is also perfect for practicing another 14 days of gratefulness to refresh and reinforce your character building. If you've received a loved book and plushie or are passing yours along to someone else, this attachables pack will allow another amazing kid to embark on the mission of building character with our friend the Grateful Gobbler.

What's Included?

  • 14 attachable foam accessories

Our Values

Raising Good Humans

We all want to be good caregivers, modeling positive behavior and teaching kids strong morals. With that said, it can feel more straightforward helping with math homework than it does teaching character! At least with math there's a lesson to follow and specific problems to complete. We got you! Our fun books and interactive plushies provide the inspiration and lesson plan, guide you through the specific steps of creating new habits, and visually reward the good behavior. Our systems walk you through forming new habits over 14 straight days of acts. Give us two weeks, and we can give you a child who is starting to feel, think, and act differently. Now how about that for a lesson plan! There's nothing out there like it.

Products with a Purpose

The Crafting Character series incorporates advice from teachers, child psychologists, and child and adolescent psychiatrists. The biggest product challenge was finding a way to make learning character fun, in a way that would create an actual change in behavior. We nailed that goal through the creation of our super-cool plushie toys that guide and visually reward kids through the process of new habit formation! Each set comes with the soft-cover book, high-quality stuffed plushie character, and 14 attachable accessories that kids can write their daily act upon. Backed by research, these products create a platform for kids to learn how to be loving and kind, charitable and giving, grateful, environmentally aware and a good citizen from as early as four years old. 


We live in a society obsessed with success and winning. With the Crafting Character systems, instead of focusing inward on personal achievements and our own happiness, we flip that script and turn attention outward to others and focus on how we can give and serve. Making this change not only builds character, but research supports that it also helps kids build confidence, become healthier and happier, and enjoy a whole slew of other wonderful benefits that ultimately lead to becoming their best self! (uh hum...including becoming more successful even faster, if you are still worried about that!)


WARNING: Small parts. Not for children under 3 years of age.